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Once your laptop has been donated, we will check and assess it.  

Once the device has been categorised and level of refurbishment required identified, we will either remove and destroy the hard drive and replace it with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) or securely erase your data. In all cases, our experienced technical partner will issue a certificate of secure data destruction for your peace of mind. If you prefer, you can remove the hard drive yourself prior to donating.


​Once your laptop has been refurbished, we will install a new operating system. Some will receive Windows 10, others may need a cloud based operating system.


This is a free and secure lightweight operating system that can run fast even on old hardware and supports Zoom, Teams, Google Classroom, Microsoft Office and other applications relevant to teaching.​

Each laptop will visually inspected for safety before being given to local schools to be handed out to pupils who do not have access to a laptop at home. 

The work will be carried out to the highest standards by local businesses with decades of experience and expertise in IT and electronics.

The fully refurbished laptops will be donated to schools in the Bolton and Salford areas to begin with, but will soon be expanded to other areas across the North West.​

The schools determine, through their own systems, which children and families receive the laptops based on local need.


Once the laptop has been donated it will become the property of the school and will not need to be returned to Rotary.

Who we are

We are a group of Rotary Clubs in the North West England, based in Bolton and Salford

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